Tēnā koe.
Our mission
Reframe Aotearoa’s aim is to make the support and skills needed for communication, conflict resolution and connectedness accessible to everyone in Aotearoa, New Zealand.
Our dream is for everyone to have the skills to be able to have good conversations and communicate through difficult situations – and access to professional support when they need it.
Our work and services
Reframe’s work includes:
Designing and facilitating social change projects
that build community capacity and resilience for communication, conflict and connectedness.
Supporting people and organisations
to deepen their capacity and skills through training, workshops, supervision.
Providing direct support
to people and organisations for issues with conflict and communication, including facilitation, mediation, and coaching.
We work primarily with community groups, not-for-profits and NGOs, social enterprises, socially-minded businesses, and local government.
We focus on empowerment
Reframe focuses on empowering individuals, organisations and communities to do as much as they can themselves – supporting community-led and person-centred approaches.
This means Reframe provides capacity development and skills first, and interventions and formal processes second. We take this approach because we believe it’s better to support and empower people to do as much as possible themselves.
When people (and groups, organisations, communities, etc) are able to constructively self-manage conflicts and communication issues, they build their own capacity and resilience – and become better able to learn from complex experiences. Sometimes things do get too complex – and it’s ok to ask for help too.
Our practitioners are all communication specialists: professional, qualified and experienced facilitators and mediators.
Get in touch
If you’d like to hear more about our services or simply connect with us, send us a message. We welcome all enquiries, questions and feedback.
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If you’d like to get in touch with Tim Foote, founder and CE of Reframe, visit his professional site at the following link: www.timfoote.me.